From September 15th though October 15th, BoxHeart presents
Karen Antonelli: I Am the Weather on exhibit in our main gallery and
Mary Becker: Finding True North on exhibit in our upstairs gallery.

Karen Antonelli @ BoxHeart Gallery

Karen Antonelli's I Am The Weather series consists of two sets of atmospheric graphite drawings that began in November 2019. During the pandemic lockdown, the process of drawing became a slow meditation for Antonelli in a time of rupture in everything we thought we knew. The title of the her upcoming exhibition, “I Am The Weather,” is an homage to the artist Roni Horn, who made a series of almost identical head-and-shoulder portraits of an Icelandic woman standing in shoulder-high water. Looking back at the photographer, the woman’s seemingly neutral expression differs by the slightest degree, ranging from inscrutable to vulnerable. This artwork titled “You are the weather” intrigued Antonelli for years and still does. Horn’s artwork is a reminder of the subtle power of the ‘quiet’ image.

The world set sail on a sea of troubles in 2020. A plague of mythic proportions struck and each of us has had to find a way through the storm. As Mary Becker began making, every usable surface in her home gave up its original purpose and became a space for the artwork that emerged every day. There was no choice in the matter. At the beginning, Becker's concern was for the children. She created assemblages of children and animals wearing colorful masks. Pandemic babies, all dressed up with no place to go! While in quarantine, Becker began researching historical pandemic-wear. Scenes with quirky figures wearing the strange bird-like gear the plague doctors wore popped out. These were followed by dozens of amulets of plague masked figures protected by charms & religious imagery. As life slowly began its return to a semblance of normalcy, Becker was reminded of Venus Rising from The Sea. Her "sailor’s valentine" assemblages are joyful expressions of survival and getting on with what lies ahead. Tiny assemblage figurines, coming up for air after a long year of plague, grace Becker’s valentines. Assembled from antique doll parts, vintage trims & embroidery, and ocean seashells, Becker sees them as sea gods lending a helping hand as we all make way for the surface.





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