From June 2nd through July 9th, BoxHeart presents
Guest Curator Cindy Lisica presents What We Know on exhibit in our main gallery and
Nzuji De Magalhaes: Bare Recognition on exhibit in our upstairs gallery.

Cindy Lisica @ BoxHeart Gallery

BoxHeart Gallery welcomes guest curator Cindy Lisica as she presents What We Know - an exhibition of three artists from three coasts: Stephanie Gonzalez (Houston), Tobia Makover (Savannah), and Claudia Parducci (Los Angeles). Curator Cindy Lisica has encountered each of these artists under different circumstances in places where she has lived. What ties the artwork together for her exhibition What We Know is their visual poetry and mastery of art-making as a language that moves the viewer into a unique space, a microcosm, even if only for a moment. Lisica remembers the words of her college poetry professor, "Write what you know." This short but profound piece of advice rings true through art that speaks directly to the viewer by forming an emotional connection. These women know things. They are demanding. They are reflective. They are luminaries in their respective circles.

Nzuji De Magalhaes: Bare Recognition

In current artwork, Nzuji De Magalhaes comments on the many foreign companies coming onto African shores to exploit its natural resources. Companies such as Chevron, Texaco, and Fina take petroleum and minerals for their own financial gain. Instead of providing self-sufficient resources such as education and technology to the people, bundles of military weapons, fortified powder milk such as Nestle Nido milk, and second-hand clothing are given as gifts. Angolan cultural structure slowly lessens with the bombardment of Portuguese, American, and now Chinese influences. In her artwork, different fabric patterns represent these influences and are intertwined with symbolic African patterns. Within the bundles of local and foreign objects, the people become objects as well.



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