BoxHeart's THE WORLD AT OUR FEET is on exhibit from November 16th, 2022 through February 10th, 2023.

BoxHeart is pleased to announce the representation of NEW ARTISTS Lauren Braun, Tiffany Budzisz, Beth Fisher, Asya Livshits, and Christine Lorenz to our gallery!


Join us in celebration of our new exhibition, The World at Our Feet, featuring our new artists in a curated collection highlighting diverse perspectives and unique practices. As we move forward into a new year, "falling behind in what could be", the world is at our feet.


We're very excited to present NEW ARTWORK by some of our most favorite gallery artists Karen Antonelli, Stephanie Gonzalez (solo exhibition, 2023), Sheila Grabarsky, Heather Kanazawa, Nzuji DeMagalhaes, Crista Pisano, Daria Sandburg, Erika Stearly (solo exhibition 2023), and Sonja Sweterlitsch.


Happy New Year!

Enjoy our current exhibition, THE WORLD AT OUR FEET, featuring painting, photography, art on paper, and mixed media artwork by a curated selection of artists that share an interest in the landscape and its elements processed through their own sensibilities.

Throughout 2023, BoxHeart's exhibitions continue under the overall theme The World at Our Feet. From March 8th through April 14th, Joshua Hogan presents LIGHT WEIGHT. Hogan invited Mary Barensfeld, Clara Fialho, Stephanie Martin, and Belgin Yücelen to exhibit alongside him for their inspiring interpretations of light and weight in their artwork.

Our 2023 Exhibition Schedule spotlights artists Erika Stearly (June 7th - July 7th), Augustina Droze (August 2nd - September 1st), and Stephanie Gonzalez (September 27th - October 27th). Erika Stearly has been emphasizing the landscape within her interior paintings (big bay windows or outdoor living spaces) and she's debuting them with us! Augustina Droze's watercolor series Brocade features creatures composed in intricate arrangements. Each design mimics highly decorative brocade wallpaper patterns. Upon close inspection, the artwork is made of a mix of vermin that Droze created pre and post-partem as she experienced a need to shift materials to a non-toxic option. Stephanie Gonzalez's Geometric Landscape paintings are a spiritual practice. Her paintings imply that there is spiritual dimension composed of complex shapes and patterns all around us.

Here's to 2023!


BoxHeart Visitor Information

Admission: Free and open to the public. The 1st floor (main gallery) of BoxHeart Gallery may be accessed using a ramp. The 2nd floor (showroom) is handicap accessible by stair chair.

Gallery Hours: Sun, 1-5 pm; Wed – Thurs, 10-6 pm; Fri, noon – 4 pm; Sat, noon – 6 pm.

BoxHeart Gallery is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. For general information call 412.687.8858



BoxHeart maintains a robust program of exhibitions which are currently scheduled through 2023. We hope you'll join us for the wonderful array of exhibitions we have coming up!