Art on Paper NYC

{new float} defining and commanding new floating environments 

BoxHeart Gallery at Art on Paper New York City visualizes a shifting environment where realism meets abstraction, where the brightness of our future emerges from the haze of our past. Featuring artists Karen Antonelli, Mary Becker, Tiffany Budzisz, Seth Clark, Augustina Droze, Clara Fialho, Joshua Hogan, and Andrew Ooi, BoxHeart’s {new float} highlights a selection of our innovative paper-based artists. Antonelli, Clark, and Droze push the boundaries of representation and challenge us to acknowledge both the familiarity of realism and the freedom of abstraction. Whether it's through Becker's, Budzisz's, or Ooi's manipulation of paper to achieve precision and pattern or Fialho's and Hogan's placement of paint on paper to convey the stuff of stars, each artist has their own distinct method of creating the illusion of objects or elements defying gravity. 

BoxHeart exhibits artwork by contemporary, technically proficient emerging and mid-career artists. We curate art by talented regional, national, and international artists creating right now.  A taste-maker within the 21st century art market, BoxHeart offers a welcoming environment for community engagement, exploration, and enjoyment of contemporary art and exhibitions. We continue to expand our program by participating in art fairs in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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