TK Mundok


TK Mundok is primarily interested in abstract studies or color and shape centered in isolated expanses of otherwise unsullied white. His white space is the untouched paper his spirals of color have landed on. The vital splashes of color in Mundok’s paintings move in serpentine trails, pulsing curvatures of pure color echoed by their paler cousins that course through and around each other, overlapping in clusters. They’ve plonked down in nests on the paper’s surface, but it doesn’t look like they’ll stay where they’ve lit. Like ropes once tight but now slackening, waves of crimson and indigo are ready to burst away from their compatriots and slither from the page. 

Mundok was born in Johnstown Pennsylvania. He is an active Studio Mechanic and works as a scenic artist and set painter in the Entertainment Industry. Most recently Mundok worked on productions such as; Mindhunter (TV), Mister Rogers (Feature Film), American Pastoral (Feature Film), SouthPaw (Feature Film), and The Perks of Being a Wall Flower (Feature Film).

Mundok is also the lead vocals & harp in Black Cat Moan, music that harkens back to early folk field recordings. Formed in 2013, this original blues/roots group has been gaining a following playing clubs and festival in and around Western PA and in 2016 took home first place at the Northern West Virginia inaugural Blues Challenge, giving them the opportunity to perform at The International Blues Challenge that takes place on Beale St in Memphis TN. Drawing inspiration from early blues performers and the kings of Chess Records, Black Cat Moan does not mimic artists of a past era but instead brings a new vibe to a classic art form.

portfolio.jpg View images from TK Mundok's 2020 exhibition, Vibrations and Manifestations.