Kyle Anger


Kyle Anger believes that our brains take in all the sensory information that surrounds us and that information comes out in things we do and make whether we are initially aware of it or not. His artwork tries to utilize this stored information by letting it roam free through his intuitive response to materials. Anger then incorporates more deliberate and aesthetic decisions to tie the fragmented results together. Through this process, Anger seeks to echo how the associative mind can bring together contrasting and conflicting information, visually and materially, binding the condition of internal and external states of experience. The individual mark or stroke is something that is important to him, as he wants to leave behind not just an image, but also the history and archaeology of that image. Layers are built up then scraped, pushed, pulled back, and built up again over and over. The smooth is mixed with the rough: the bold with the subtle forming a symbiotic and kinetic relationship. A culmination of moments, each artwork represents an emotional distance traveled.

Anger was born in Hartford Connecticut in 1985. He received his MFA in Painting from Boston University in 2012 and his BFA in Painting (Summa Cum Laude) from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009. He moved to Pittsburgh in 2015 and has exhibited in various group exhibitions with Group A, the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh, and Radiant Hall. He currently lives and works in the Troy Hill neighborhood.

portfolio.jpg View images from Kyle Anger's 2022 exhibition, Terrain.