Sherry Rusinack


Sherry Rusinack is a dumpster diving, trash night loving, thrift shop junkie, junk artist working to create whatever artful thing she can think up. From cardboard to watch parts, Rusinack transforms mundane materials - often thrown away - into fine art that is anything but disposable. Rusinack has the creative ability and intuitive vision to dance around artistic disciplines, taking from one and transcending another. She is, all-at-once, visionary, steampunk, new brow, and outsider. Her artwork rises from her innate personal vision to transcend our physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness. From her fanatic love of animals, especially CATS, painted on wood blocks; from her expressive masks and house sculptures made of layers of cut and painted cardboard, Rusinack's works of art are magical, imaginative, and eco-friendly.

portfolio.jpg View images from Sherry Rusinack's 2020 exhibition, Ship of Fools.