Åke Arnerdal


Ake Arnerdal's artwork is his very subjective response to the world around him; a world with rapidly changing values and increasing gray scales that surround old political and religious truths. It is an overload of visual information, text, and sound. There's no clear criticism or direction in his artwork, but simultaneously, mockery and celebration of the diversity of our time. Recent themes of interest have led Arnerdal to look at what we have in common; longing is one; the problems with finding one's place in the world and how to get things right and go on with life is the other.

Arnerdal's artwork is inspired by the immediate and emotionally involved communication achieved in children's art. Similarly, this is also found in artwork defined as outsider. Folk art, with its overload of patterns, ornaments, and riots of color, also inspires him, as well as the exuberance and slightly exaggerated language of the baroque.

Arnerdal is a painter from Sweden. He graduated in 1996 with a Master of Fine Art from Umeå University and he also has a postgraduate degree in ‘Art and New Media’ from the Art Academy at Gothenburg University. He has exhibited his artwork in Sweden, Norway, Japan, and the United States. This past summer, he presented artwork in the exhibit "Crosswalk Oddities: The Intersection of Work & Play" at Albany Barn in Albany New York. and participated in a group exhibit at City Light Gallery in Bridgeport Connecticut. As an arts educator, Arnerdal developed and expanded the educational programs at Skulpturens Hus, an art institution in Stockholm Sweden. He now lives and works in USA, but is a regular and popular visiting tutor at Hampstead School of Art (HSoA) in London.