The Narfs

The Narfs

The Narfs (Jeremy and Nicole) are self-taught artists who grew up a block away from each other in the Monongahela River Valley. Drawing inspiration from nature, cartoons, folk art, and the Appalachian landscape, the Narfs create artwork that reflects life around them.

Their artwork builds strong emotional connections with their viewers through their use of subjects and materials found throughout their lives. They regularly use pieces of the past in their present artwork to help express their outlook on conventional themes. These "pieces" can be sustainable materials, childhood memories, track side trash, yesterdays conversations, or sights seen on their journeys. 

Nicole transforms thousands of plastic bags, without the use of patterns, into tangible art that introduces the viewer to a nontraditional medium. Her artwork captures the viewer's attention and invites them into a magical world. Nicole works primarily with crocheted plastic bags which are "harvested" and processed into an alternative medium, PLARN (plastic yarn), that is used to create unique sculptures. Jeremy mashes mediums and layers paint onto handmade surfaces. Jeremy pays close attention to specific details and playfully ignores others. With bold colors and crude lines to manifest feelings of nostalgia and familiarity toward objects and patterns, Jeremy's artwork highlights the commonly overlooked. 

The Narf's are emboldened by each other's energy, hopeful and lost in their creative processes. Fully immersed in an artful life, the pair has organized and executed several independent exhibitions with the support of their devoted, local following.

portfolio.jpg View The Narfs' artwork in the 2023 exhibition, Chuffed Up!