Daria Sandburg


Daria Sandburg is a Pittsburgh-based multi-media artist. Using paper, found historical objects, sculpted metal work, fused glass, and narrative brought meaningfully together to form a new coherent whole, Sandburg gives form to time and memory by visually creating a quiet glimpse into a worn, personal history. The materials she selects are intended to awaken within the viewer the value of daily experience and the connection between the universal and the individual organically. Sandburg fosters imagination by creating a participatory experience between her artwork and the viewer. Her current exhibition, The Workbook, was titled from a Covid time sketchbook, Night Box CODA: The Workbook. In music, a coda is a passage that brings a movement to an end. For Sandburg, her workbook became solace in a time of grief: a luxury during loss. Her home studio became a theater for one, where she was both artist and audience. Images, ideas, and text emerged and presented escape to another word.

Born in Rock Island Illinois, Sandburg was the co-founder of Bohemia Gallery in Tucson Arizona where she curated exhibitions while making her own artwork. In 2012, she moved to Pittsburgh for her residency exhibition, “In Her Own Words”, at Borelli-Edwards Galleries. In the 2013 “35th Annual Frank Sticks Exhibit” at Glenn Eure Gallery in Nags Head North Carolina, Sandburg's artwork received top honors with the Best of Show Award. In 2014, Sandburg's artwork was selected to appear in the Lions Gate motion picture The Last Witch Hunter. Her artwork has been exhibited at Aqua Art Miami 2016, 2017, and 2018, and Superfine! NYC 2017 and DC 2018, and LA Art Show 2018 and 2019.

portfolio.jpg View images from Daria Sandburg's 2021 exhibition, The Workbook.