Mary Becker: Endangered Species: Love and Luck


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Mary Becker

Endangered Species: Love & Luck Journal

Antique & Vintage Fibers (Lace, Silk, Linen, Velvet), Latin & French Book pages, Found Objects, Watercolor & Inks on Paper

5" X 8" X 2"



All over the world, books are being dumped into landfills, used for kindling, or sold as "decorator" items. They are an endangered species. Yet, books are a multi-sensory experience. They take up space. They have a beginning, a middle, and an end that you can see, touch. They are place holders for ephemera... photographs, cards, love notes, shopping lists, a fortune from a Chinese dinner, dry cleaning tickets, or your post office tracking number. Adorned with antique and vintage fibers, found papers and objects, the inner pages of Becker's art journals, "Endangered Species", are blank, awaiting the declaration of your innermost desires for needful things.