Mary Becker: There's a Hole In Heaven: Blue Parrot


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Mary Becker

There's a Hole In Heaven: Blue Parrot

Limited Edition Giclee, 2/10

30" X 24" X 1" (framed)


A Planisphere is a fascinating manual method for mapping the stars all year long. But what Becker noticed most from her planisphere was the small empty space in the middle. And she thought, "Look at that. There's a hole in heaven." Big images began to bloom in her mind and she knew what she wanted to express. Becker's "Hole In Heaven" series attempts to reveal the Circus of the World where humanity entertains itself endlessly. Wordsworth keep drifting through her mind, "The world is too much with us. Getting and spending we lay waste our powers". The original collages that Becker's limited edition giclees are made from were constructed with antique French gameboard art, vintage Christmas paper from Poland, Egyptian papyrus papers, and antique book pages from Shakespeare plays. At the bottom third of each print is a scene of humanity laying waste its powers. Over this, there's a beautiful heaven with a hole in it. Angels point to it, small children notice it. Nut the Sky Goddess does her best to protect us from this hole because it is there. - Nut (pronounced Noot) is the Egyptian Sky Goddess. She's the guardian of night and day, dark and light. Nut is the sky and she arches over the world and gives birth to the sun. Then she swallows the sun and the world sleeps. The hole is a portal that lets good out and evil in. It portends the end of the world... wars, plagues, and pandemics. If humanity would only notice. The hole in heaven would still be there but, it would let good in evil out instead. Not my circus, not my monkey, they all say and turn away. Oh, but it is. It is.