Mary Becker: Pandemic High Priestess & Her 7 Acolytes


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Mary Becker

Pandemic High Priestess & Her 7 Acolytes

Found Objects, Vintage Lace & Embroidery, Porcelain, Wood, Paint

8" X 7" X 5"


The pandemic inspired many who took advantage of the moment to establish their cults. Strange religions spread rapidly around the world as the plague raged on unchecked. Naomi's version of a cult involved all creatures great and small. Here we see her delivering her message to the newer acolytes....some newer than others....some not yet house trained. Horrors! What's that going on beneath Naomi's skirts? Note: The high priestess in this assemblage is an homage to the Santos figures brought by Spanish priests to the Americas during the Spanish colonization during the 1500 - 1700s.