Alice Raymond


Alice Raymond's artwork is a pluralistic approach to the relationship between people and space. Born French in the suburbs of Paris, Raymond traveled through Europe as a child before moving to the United States as an adult. As a result of her travels, she became interested in maps and how to represent her daily confrontation with other languages. When she arrived in the U.S., Raymond created her own codified language, turning a word into a specific shape. Raymond's abstract and geometrical shapes define new territories, like intimate maps connecting form, aesthetic, and semantics.

Raymond collects words and translates them into geometrical drawings in a sketchbook she calls her "encyclopedia". This method allows her to represent the same word but spelled in various languages, thus taking on different shapes. When a shape coincides with the meaning of the chosen word, she paints it on an unstretched canvas that can be rolled or folded like a map. The final visual result evokes the vocabulary of an abstract landscape, but more than that, her linguistic paintings represent an attempt to frame the intricacies of translation and to map new personal territories.

Raymond received her Master in Visual Arts from Bordeaux, France and her Master in Science of Language from Grenoble, France. Cultural and educational venues such as the Multicultural Art Center in Budapest, the Schmidt Gallery at Florida Atlantic University in Florida, and the Acadian Art Center in Louisiana have exhibited her work. In 2013 Raymond was an AIRIE Fellow, using her vocabulary of maps to represent visitors' perspectives on the Everglades National Park. She currently lives and works in both San Francisco, California and Bordeaux, France.

portfolio.jpg View images from Raymond's 2017 BoxHeart Exhibition, Nowhere and Now Here. Raymond's Upcoming BoxHeart Exhibit is November 18, 2020 - January 1, 2021.