Alice Raymond: Catalina Mahonagy


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Alice Raymond

Catalina Mahogany

Genêt (Broom), Piment (Pepper), Cherry-Red, Jardin (Garden) and other left-over Acrylic on 160g/m Clairefontaine Kraft Paper

27 1/4" X 19 1/2"


With her new exhibition Earth, Raymond offers us a pictorial immersion in her making of territory, with matrices and projections, giving the visitor and collector the rare opportunity to travel a bit with the artist. The idea came to her with the memory of a David Hockney opening, during which she was able to find herself alone in the exhibition space while all the guests were sharing a drink at the reception … It was like a dream, an hour of imaginary walk with the old man. Respect for barrier gestures invites us to an intimate visit with the artist via the Internet at the time of your appointment. You will find yourself in an exhibition-lab, with works like routes of colorful lines, ethereal surfaces like impressions (In French, the word impression means both printing and impression.) and also works awaiting you for their finalization … Of the time of lock-down we found back the taste for DIY and the solutions for art made locally.