Salvador Di Quinzio


Salvador Di Quinzio infuses his interest for the human figure and the use of symbolic structures in his artwork to create a pictorial bridge that is imbued in his subconscious world and the physical environment that surrounds him. The evolution of his artwork integrates a constant search for portrayals of a perceived inward reality that conjures up a wide mosaic of ostensible visual subjects. Eclectic emblems and primordial landscapes are in essence the amalgam of the seen and the unseen that marry into a surrealistic composition, which in turn provokes the viewers' interest and curiosity, thus establishing an intimate relationship between the viewer and the work.

Di Quinzio was born in Maracay, Venezuela, lived and worked in six different countries, and currently resides and works in Philadelphia, PA. Self-taught, Di Quinzio's paintings are held in private collections in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, and Venezuela. In 2008, he was the recipient of the Maybelle Longstreet Prize awarded by juror Stephen Talasnik through exhibition at the Woodmere Museum in Philadelphia. Di Quinzio exhibits his artwork regularly in Philadelphia, New York, and the Netherlands.

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