Stephanie Gonzalez: Transcend


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Stephanie Gonzalez


Acrylic, Gouache, Gold Leaf, Caulking, Paper, on Panel

24" X 48" X 2"


Stephanie Gonzalez's "Geometric Landscape" painting series are a spiritual practice, they are methodical and controlled. The geometrics placed at the forefront of the landscapes suggest the spiritual world that cannot be seen. In the paintings, the viewers see a solid landscape, there is ground and sky but in reality, everything is energy and there are things that the human eye cannot see. Every object is made of tiny molecules that are made up of even tinier atoms, the geometric drawings suggest this. It is implying that there is more than just a landscape. The landscape gets painted first using acrylic and blending techniques, then the geometrics get painted as a second layer, they are a result of consciousness and often come to her through meditation. The geometrics suggest that we are all one. There is much more on the landscape that we can see. A spiritual, different dimension is composed of complex shapes and patterns.