Mary Becker: Act III: Hope Springs Eternal


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Mary Becker

Act III: Hope Springs Eternal

Antique Frozen Charlottes, Book Pages, Parts, Glass Flowers, & Found Objects

8 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 1"


Becker's "Act III: Hope Springs Eternal" is the trajectory of a broken heart - the love affair, break-up, and renewal. In the upper left, the figure is in break-up with a shocked and broken heart. Next, the figure is in a world turned upside down and coming undone. It feels hopeless. But wait! The blue bird of happiness is hanging out, perched on a nail, at the edge of the heart break. The bird may or may not yet be noticed. But he is there, waiting. Finally, in time, the right side figure -still prickly- finds new blooms budding up through the pain. The figures are connected and wrapped with linen thread, a visual representation of the timeline of healing. Hope blooms eternal in the human heart.