Keith Garubba: Head On 107


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Keith Garubba

Head On 107

Oil Pastel on Paper

20" X 16" (matted)


These original abstract drawings present invented headlights and taillights, and will charge your wall with inventively curious graphic shapes and colors. They suggest a departure from the assembly line reality of mass produced vehicle lamps, replacing it with a fiction in which these lights morph and transform and exist for their own inherent dynamism. They are composed such that they might take on a life of their own, independent of the cars and vehicles that inspired them. Executed in direct marks, smears, and scratches, these artworks are raw and reflect the immediacy with which they were made: in the evening by the side of the road, Garubba capturing quick fragments of the cars and lights as they pass. Each artwork is 11x14" and mounted in a mat ready to be framed at 16x20". Each piece is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.