Aster da Fonseca: Early Fall Morning I


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Aster da Fonseca

Early Fall Morning I

Acrylic, Tape Collage on Paper

19" X 24"


Da Fonseca's collection of collages are inspired by time in his home garden watching the painted buntings, parrots, hummingbirds, and other fauna that visit his favorite garden trees, the Plumerias. Inspired by the simplicity of his surroundings, he reached for the leftover painter's tape around his studio. Da Fonseca began creating landscapes filled with a sense of peaceful surroundings and joyful birds. He uses acrylic paint on painter’s tape, designing various patterns and schemes. He cuts out each shape by hand with scissors and pastes the shapes onto paper, developing woodland scenes with flying birds. After he finishes each collage, he uses a matte polymer varnish w/UVLS for protection.