From abstract to representational, BoxHeart Gallery's Painting collection includes various artistic styles. Our collection includes artwork from top, contemporary regional artists such as Annie Heisey, Heather Kanazawa, and Joshua Hogan as well as national and international artists Augustina Droze, Clara Fialho, and Nichole Gronvold Roller. Though only a portion of the entire collection is featured on exhibit at any given time, all of the Paintings available on our website are also available in the gallery. Stop in to view your favorites in real life!

With our private In Home Gallery Experience, you have two weeks to see the artwork in all different lighting conditions - soft and subtle, bright and bold - and in all different locations; over the living room couch, above the fire place, in the dining room, or master bedroom; in order to determine, "does this artwork speak to your aesthetic?" At the end of the In Home Gallery Experience, if you don't love the art, we don't want you to buy it. With collectors of our artwork all over the world, we have the highest degree of confidence in the quality of our artwork. We're confident you will agree and you have no risk to find out!