Tiffany Budzisz

Tiffany Budzisz artwork

Veins flow though tree leaves and beating hearts. Tiny mushrooms sprout on the forest floor, while majestic mountains and swirling clouds rise high into the sky. The natural world, the human body, and the life/death cycle serve as inspiration for Tiffany Budzisz. Her intricate paper sculpture artworks symbolize the love, growth, and renewal in our lives as we heal from disappointment and loss. Mother Nature is powerful and transformative. Even after death, life goes on, and new seeds sprout and flourish from the soil.

Budzisz earned a B.F.A. in Communication Arts & Design from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000. She learned about the art of paper sculpture during her studies and fell in love with the medium. She creates her paper sculptures by cutting intricate shapes from archival paper with a utility knife. She curves the individual cut shapes with a dowel, then glues the pieces together between layers of foam core to create dimensional works of art. The act of intricately cutting, shaping, and gluing tiny pieces of paper together is very meditative and therapeutic. It allows one to slow down and appreciate the little details that are often overlooked in everyday life.

Budzisz’s artwork has most recently been shown in Manifest Gallery’s “Bloom” exhibit, the Three River’s Arts Festival Juried Exhibition “Transverse,” and in the 35th Annual McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition. Her artwork has also been featured by the Jealous Curator in her newsletter “The No Such Thing as Too Much Art Society.” Originally from Virginia, she currently resides in the greater Pittsburgh area with her family. 

portfolio.jpg View Tiffany's artwork in the 2022 exhibit, The World at Our Feet.