Celest Michelotti


Following two weeks as NASA's guest at Kennedy Space Center, Celest Michelotti's mind was full of the exciting possibilities of our future in space... the inspiration for her "Echoes from the Future" series, an award winner that began her career in metals. 

The arts have always been the center of Michelotti's life. As a child and young adult, classical piano captured her time and attention. Her transition to the visual arts began during post-graduate studies when she treated herself to three "intro" classes - drawing, printmaking, and jewelry-making. The few works she made in that intro to jewelry-making class never fail to win compliments when she wears them!

In recent years, metals drew her back. They are in her genes - Grandpa was a blacksmith, Dad was a specialty welder, and Michelotti's Brother worked with metals as an engineer. Currently working with lush 22K, 18K, 14K, and sterling, Michelotti creates her contemporary forms by fabricating, forging, and casting. Her trademark rich, glowing finishes are achieved with multi-layered surface-finishing techniques developed over time... a look unique to her artwork and her proprietary process. Michelotti starts with gold filled wire or flat sheets in various thickness. She cuts, shapes, twists, hammers, and sandblasts her metals to achieve a variety of lush textures. See a finish that sparkles like the Milky Way in the night sky? The dynamic, ever-changing reflections draw in both the wearer and the viewer. Michelotti creates the complex, compelling play of light by hand-engraving, sandblasting, hammering, and polishing. She creates "jewels", distinctive wearable art that is a perfect blend of precious metals, gemstones, and pearls.

Michelotti's designs continue to garner acclaim, including selection by the Society of American Goldsmith's International Pearl Design Competition; her jewelry featured in American Craft and other national magazines; a coveted Finalist position in the Niche Competition; as well as her exhibition and representation in major Galleries across the country.