From August 26th through September 25th, BoxHeart presents Ellen Chisdes Neuberg: Missing Persons and Other Puzzlements on exhibit in our main gallery
and Erin Treacy: Reciprocal Relationships on exhibit in our upstairs gallery.

Ellen Chisdes Neuberg artwork at BoxHeart Gallery
While she was conjuring up a title for her exhibition, the word “puzzlement” came to mind. A notorious reader of mysteries and solver of puzzles, Ellen Chisdes Neuberg's seventh grade teacher actually refused to count books she read if they were more mysteries! "Puzzlement" is also the title of a spoken song from the musical comedy, “The King and I”, originally performed on Broadway, with both utter confusion and humor, by Yul Brynner playing the role of the King of Siam and is still available on YouTube. The paintings in Neuberg's “Puzzlements” series deal with the ways our lives, and our world, seem to be in a constant and often complex state of change. Her daily art process is simple. She paints. The painting grows. Each addition determines its direction. She loves color, shape, some recognizable, some not; diverse images and colors that are encouraged to live together, “to marry”, in the boundaries provided by the canvas. These objects acquire their own personalities. The use of transparencies, particularly in the “Puzzlements” series, allows a visual penetration of what might appear behind the scenes; behind the seemingly happy and colorful facades, to perhaps reveal what mysteries may be hidden underneath... possibly as an analogy to human lives… exposing deeper truths for the viewers’ interpretations.
Erin Treacy artwork at BoxHeart Gallery
Erin Treacy: Reciprocal Relationships focuses on her Compost Project, which began in 2019, where she explored personal food remnants and debris that she stored in her freezer in Brooklyn, NY. Whether it is through a life drawing session, or many photographs taken while the food defrosts, Treacy is depicting an evolving scene where pieces fall, compositions shift, and colors change. It is a glimpse at the changes that will occur through the actual composting process, as our ‘garbage’ becomes fertilizer, facilitating reciprocal nourishment, yet another way how our environment can mirror our internal worlds and interpersonal relationships. Included in the exhibition are paintings of growth in the landscape as well - compositions of flora striving for new life and establishing roots in unexpected places. Treacy is interested in how our environment depicts time through layers of growth and decay, and how this can serve as visual metaphor for our own internal worlds. Both are in constant states of change – morphing and diverging to meet the needs of the present situation.


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