Mary Becker: Coming Up for Air: The Un-Submersibles


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Mary Becker

Coming Up for Air: The Un-Submersibles

Vintage Embroidery & Trims, Seashells

1" X 3" X 2" - 4" X 4" X 1" each


Our voyage on our sea of trouble is coming into safe harbor. Life slowly begins its return to a semblance of normalcy. One was reminded of Venus Rising From The Sea. They rose through the salty waters. Isolated at the bottom of the ocean in Submersible Pods, the children survived the Plague. Their lonely sojourn with the fish lasted many, many months. After far too long, when it was finally safe, the sea Gods helped. With gentle hands they pushed and all the Submersible Pods drifted to the surface. Like Antediluvian creatures moving from water to land, the children were tentative about moving from their watery home. But the hatches opened slowly and they finally stepped onto the land. Astonished by their first breaths without masks, their laughter floated through the air. The children know for certain that they are Un-Submersible. They survived.