Keith Garubba: Drip Creature 001

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Keith Garubba

Drip Creature 001

Silkscreen, 3/10 Limited Edition

8 1/2" X 6 1/2" X 1" (framed)


Garubba studies “drips”; mostly the painted, marbled, or molten glass varieties, through the voice of his fictitious character Dr. Armbruster. The resultant products of his studies display moments of his investigation: framing and highlighting key drip forms, reproducing and overprinting fragments. Printmaking, in these artworks, is used to break down the drip as a subject. The artwork is intended to be an abstract critique of the relationship between Art and Science, while celebrating the ornamented spectacles and exhilarating spirit that can thrive at this intersection. 3/10 Limited Edition, Framed in Nielsen Metal with Anti-Reflective Glass.