Asya Livshits: Autumn Park


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Asya Livshits

Autumn Park

Oil on Panel

6" X 6" X 1"


Often inspired by photographs, Asya Livshit's paintings look almost as if they have been submerged in water, illusory and dream-like, as if she is outside looking in with a methodical balance between realism and abstraction. This dance between light and dark creates drama and movement, whether a rainy street at night or acrobats suspended in midair. While painting, she slowly abandons the photo in order to let the developing painting inform her. Once the painting has enough moments that are not in the original photograph, almost accidents that become the event, Livshits paints more carefully around them. Not that these moments have to stay a part of the painting, but it’s important for her to really see them and listen to their messages.