Art & Artists

BoxHeart, formed by Nicole Capozzi and Joshua Hogan, cultivates a program devoted to innovation in the field of contemporary art.

A respected gallerist, Nicole Capozzi formed her gallery in 2001. Formerly a Studio Mechanic for I.A.S.T.E., Joshua Hogan is also a professional, contemporary artist. BoxHeart inaugurated their expanded Pittsburgh space located at 4523 Liberty Avenue in January 2017. The gallery fosters continued dedication to the living artists it represents and maintains a robust program of exhibitions and events. The gallery represents several celebrated regional artists including; Seth Clark, Carolyn Wenning, Heather Kanazawa, Annie Heisey, and Sylvester Damianos, as well as accomplished national and international artists including; Alice Raymond, Augustina Droze, Gavin Benjamin, Andrew Ooi, Irina Koukhanova, and Nzuji DeMagalhaes. BoxHeart is a taste-maker within the 21st century art market and continues to expand its program by participating in art fairs worldwide.