Tobia Makover: takeFlight: he.was.


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Tobia Makover

takeFlight: he.was.

Encaustic, Resin, Insect Wings on Photo mounted to Panel

5" X 5" X 1 1/2"


Tobia Makover is a fine art photographer and mixed media artist whose artwork creates intrigue through timeless and emotive imagery. In all bodies of her work and in life, Makover contemplates the physicality of our existence. She questions the importance of our being and the impact of our time here while examining the tension between holding on and the desire to let go. Makover's artwork is shot on film with a Hasselblad camera. She prints and adheres her photos onto cradled wood panels and then layers her imagery with wax and resin that she paints, carves, torches and then preserves through an encaustic process that dates back to the 1st Century, BCE. Real insect wings and other found objects are also encased in wax. takeFLIGHT was conceived as an installation to be presented in April, 2020, in New York City. It explores the physical and emotional journey of motherhood. Now… words fail, emotions scatter, and this artwork expands in a new light. It remains a journey, but is now one which we are all experiencing… all being pushed to face. As we remain isolated and very much grounded, Makover offers a small selection of takeFLIGHT.