Mary Becker: Pandemic Amulet: Medico della Peste


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Mary Becker

Pandemic Amulet: Medico della Peste

Frozen Charlotte, Milagros, Charms, Evil Eye Beads, Rosemary Beads, Wire, Found Objects

6" X 1" X 1"


An amulet confers protection upon its possessor. Derived from the Latin word amuletum, the use of amulets was once widespread among many cultures and societies. They were used for protection and as a means of "reaffirming the fundamental fairness of the universe". Becker's Pandemic Amulets are contemporary guardians. They are frozen Charlotte's fantastically adorned with objects like the beak masks of 17th century plague doctors, hand or wing charms, rosemary or evil eye beads. Like worry beads, these objects occupy the hands and still the mind. Every selected object is a symbol of protection, guidance, goodness, health, and prosperity.