Kirby Fredendall: Luminous Morning

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Kirby Fredendall

Luminous Morning

Oil on Panel

10" X 10" X 1 1/2"


Fredendall enjoys the manipulation of material and how that process in itself contributes to the life and shape of the final image. Dramatic, gestural lines describe the play of light and wind across the water, while softer marks add life to the slow movement of rain laden clouds across the sky.  Areas of sky, water, and land are knit together to represent their seamless interaction under the common conditions of weather and time. Colors are intentionally juxtaposed to create passages that are beautifully compelling. The lake is a metaphor for the constantly changing energy of our relationship withourselves, those around us, and with our environment. Fredendall's paintings are a visual exploration of the unbreakable but changeable connections that exist between forces both within us and without. Her most recent artwork explores her relationship to a lake in the Adirondack Mountains.