Keith Garubba: Wake Series

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Keith Garubba

The Wake Series

Silkscreened Enamels Fused on Glass, Steel Stand

32" X 20" X 4", 26" X 14" X 4", & 26" X 12" X 4


Do you know that space in between deep sleep and waking up, like emerging through the dark fog of the mind? This series is an abstract visualization of that elusive moment, hard to remember, but so potent with psychic energy. Garubba was thinking about what it is like to push out of that moment into your day. It was a metaphorical exercise for him, as on the personal level this was more about the broad mental shift that he was going through in his life, as he was quickly developing new sensibilities and attitudes during a difficult period. Moments of transition can be dizzying and disorienting, but there are new realities on the other side, sometimes very wonderful ones. We only need to ready ourselves.