Keith Garubba: Auto Amulet for the Wanderer

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Keith Garubba

Auto Amulet for the Wanderer

Silkscreened Enamels Fused on Glass, Steel Stand, Limited Edition 1/3

10" X 6" X 3"


This glasswork features a representation of a design from the 1967 Mazda Cosmo, on a city street backdrop. It has been designed and rendered through a highly specialized process of hand-silkscreening glass enamels onto clear glass for fusing. 15 color layers have been printed using a specially-mixed ink of glass enamels which have been applied to both the front and the back side of the glass. The glass has been fired 5 times in the process of building up the design and accommodating specialty enamel colors. The result is a layered image with dimensional depth in which the bright red sings off a dark backdrop, like a tail light in the night. This is a limited edition artwork, signed and numbered as 1/3, and comes in a steel tabletop stand.