Katie Stone: Queendom

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Katie Stone


Black Stoneware, Glaze, Underglaze

10" X 12" X 8" each


Each sculpture measures 10" X 12" X 8". They're a set! Confession: I was once a girl who would say, I’m not like other girls. Crystal Jackson has put it so eloquently, I need not reinvent the wheel: "Every time that sentence is said, we aren’t shattering glass ceilings. We’re defining being a woman is being something less than. We’re saying that femininity means something, and that something is negative. Saying we’re not like other women is to disrespect all women- including ourselves. When we raise our children with these harmful messages, we’re not making womanhood better; we’re just promoting misogyny. It’s an ignorant message that ignores that women are full humans, capable of great diversity. Instead of shaming other girls and women for their interests and choices, we can choose to celebrate them." . This sculpture is about celebrating ourselves and eachother. These gal pals, wearing flower crowns, sit atop their own fields.... Queendoms, living their best lives.

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