Karen Antonelli: I am the Weather no. 32

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Karen Antonelli

I am the Weather no. 32

Graphite on Paper

30" X 44" (unframed drawing on paper)


With the first I Am the Weather drawing, Antonelli had the simple intention to smoothly cover a piece of paper with the slightest tone using a 4H pencil. "As I began this mediative process, my mind got distracted by the simple observation of how the graphite took to the paper. It leaped off into past and future; worries and arguments, things I need to do, and the equanimity was lost." Depending on her level of energy or anxiety, the pencil strokes showed to a greater or lesser degree. "I achieved runs of beautiful, even, soft strokes, then as my mind dashed off, I lost the looseness." After many attempts, Antonelli decided to let the drawing dictate where it needed to go––many artists have used “automatic drawing” as a form of revelation––and her drawings became atmospheric rather than the cloudscapes she first thought they were. A reflection of her quality of mind through a flow of time, sometimes just four sessions, sometimes a couple of weeks, Antonelli works until the drawing says, “no more, I’m done," until the thing itself is revealed.