John Eastman: Knobs, Gauges, Switches

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John Eastman

Knobs, Gauges, Switches

Acrylic on Canvas

62" X 62" X 1 1/4"


Eastman is enamored with minimalism, abstract concepts, and space, whereas the negative space on the canvas is as important as the abstract focus object, and the bare minimum room is an element of the whole viewing experience. In essence, his abstract artwork is as much about the space as the work in it. IHe is in constant pursuit of what he calls true abstract (ism), whereas providing a visual object, (painting, drawing, sculpture) that attempts to prompt the viewer into thoughts and impressions of their own is the objective, regardless of what those objects mean to him as an artist. If there is a end goal, it is perhaps to spur thinking, a focus, and communication between observers of the artwork.