Heather Heitzenrater: Confection Visions

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Heather Heitzenrater

Confection Visions

Oil on Panel

36" X 36" X 1 1/2"


Heitzenrater's paintings incorporate the figure with reflective Mylar. Its silver, liquid-like surface forms abnormal shapes and catches magnificent colors from its surroundings. Reflections contort images in ways that makes us see things differently. It creates abstract images in real life by twisting and bending to the point where objects and places are intangible. Heitzenrater uses these reflections to create a world full of chaos and curiosity. The Mylar acts as the portal that ties the real world to the unknown. It pulls the figure into this thin space between worlds. Sometimes, the Mylar wraps itself around the figure as if it has arms or as if the figure disintegrates into the portal. Each figure reacts to this action in a diverse and unique way; fear, anger, intrigue, confusion, or sometimes nostalgia of a time long ago.