Ellen Chisdes Neuberg: Moving Day

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Ellen Chisdes Neuberg

Missing Persons Series: Moving Day

Acrylic on Canvas

48" X 60" X 2"


The paintings in Neuberg's “Puzzlements” series deal with the ways our lives, and our world, seem to be in a constant and often complex state of change. Her daily art process is simple. She paints. The painting grows. Each addition determines its direction. She loves color, shape, some recognizable, some not; diverse images and colors that are encouraged to live together, “to marry”, in the boundaries provided by the canvas. These objects acquire their own personalities. The use of transparencies, particularly in the “Puzzlements” series, allows a visual penetration of what might appear behind the scenes; behind the seemingly happy and colorful facades, to perhaps reveal what mysteries may be hidden underneath... possibly as an analogy to human lives… exposing deeper truths for the viewers’ interpretations.