Christine Lorenz: Halophilic 2.2: Fun Size 1


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Christine Lorenz

Halophilic 2.2: Fun Size

Lenticular Prints mounted to Colored Acrylic

5" X 5" X 3/4"


In geology, the term “halophilic” describes elements of salt-dependent ecosystems, and salt formations are often indicators of petroleum in the earth. In our time, both salt and plastic are everywhere humans are, and most of the places where we are not. The average American produces around 286 pounds of plastic waste per year, or an average of 12.5 oz. per day. That’s about three times the weight of one of these mounted lenticular prints. Halophilic 2.2: Fun Size prints are detail images from Lorenz's Halophilic 2 series of photographs. Two slightly different versions of each image are merged in the lenticular printing process to create a shimmering effect. Each print is mounted to laser-cut acrylic in a wide range of translucent colors. This is mounted in turn to a lightweight backing block with a hanging eye, such that the print stands off from the wall by around 1/2 inch. When hung on the wall in an area with enough light, the acrylic creates a color halo effect behind the image.