Carolyn Reed Barritt: Symbols Series


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Carolyn Reed Barritt


Ink on Chromarama Paper

6" X 4 1/2" each


Now very rare, Chromarama paper was created for use by layout artists and graphic designers in the 60’s and 70’s and an easy to purchase commodity. The exacting colors were silkscreened onto the paper, which gives each sheet an incredible matte, velvety finish. The paper was sold in “rainbow” packs of 220; every sheet a different shade and value, and each stamped on the back with its corresponding color on the Chromarama color wheel. Barritt was gifted a complete set of this luxurious paper in the 90’s; and has held onto the pack since, not believing anything warranted its use until now. She created each of these little gems with a ruling pen and black ink. The title of each individual artwork corresponds to the Chromarama color number stamped on its back, but many of them also have pet names, such as Fancy Pants, Feather Monster, and Punk Giraffe.