Tiffany Simmons


Tiffany Simmons' artwork serves as a psychological deconstruction of the female archetype as a leader, mother, and predecessor. Each visage portrays a semblance of the seen and unseen, revealing the inner conflict of motherhood, the simultaneous strength and vulnerability, dominion, and restriction, all contextualized by the ancestral ties to the foremothers who laid the psychological landscape of the maternal paradigm.

Ethereal figures are made spellbinding through white hues and tenebrous themes of melancholy. Simmons' looming figures invite the viewer into the dichotomy of the state of bearing, in its duty of bliss and limitation. Her ashen figures are rendered in a delicate and hasty paradox that etch a visually conspicuous sense of imperfection into the harmony of the psychic landscape. An ominous ghostly narrative is balanced by sublime symbolism in barren branches and open landscapes that lend vulnerability to the isolation of Simmons' figures. Regardless of whether they are alone, the solitude of bearing simultaneous exaltation and melancholy invites us back to those who bore us and bear the truth that remains.

Born and raised in Dallas, Simmons' roots are deeply Texan. She studied in Utah Valley and graduated in Studio Art from Brigham Young University where nature began to shape much of how she relates to her work. Her artwork has been exhibited at Anthony's Fine Art curated by Zion Art Society, ArtSpace111, Seton Hill University, The Sego Gallery, The Startup Building, and at Brigham Young University's Harris Fine Art's Center, David M. Kennedy Center, and Hinckley Centers.

portfolio.jpg View images from Tiffany Simmon's 2021 BoxHeart Exhibition, Mourning Morning.