Robert Mirek


Robert Mirek's objects have origins in human, geologic, mythic, or universal themes. Best explained as simultaneous, Mirek's visual language is a form of self dialogue that resides in objects, systems, and scenarios that are at the edge of abstraction. Understanding them is less important than sensing their intrinsic nature. Mirek works in a thought process that keeps as many doors open as possible. Developing the imagery is a non-linear, intimate logic. The conceptual connections, which eventually become visual signals, are drawn in collaborative moments and are meant to suggest.

Mirek was born in Detroit Michigan in 1957. He received his BFA in Painting from the College for Creative Studies. Recent solo and group exhibitions include; Sacred Spaces at Higher Art Gallery, Haute Domain Detroit a new dwelling and exhibition in Detroit, 100 Sculptures: A Survey of Contemporary Sculpture at the Ella Sharp Museum, Abstraction an invitational exhibition by Rick Vian at Janice Charach Gallery, Big Sculpture Show at 333 Midland, Echoes a three person exhibit at Galerie Camille, and Robert Mirek a solo exhibition at the Detroit Center for Design and Technology.

artsy.jpg View Robert Mirek's 2019 BoxHeart Exhibition, For Want of Meaning, on Artsy!