Gavin Benjamin


Based on the revolutionary soul of his grandfather and brothers in the village of Guyana, Gavin Benjamin's current series "Heads of State" bestows legacy with the power, honor, and legitimacy it deserves. Benjamin collages with his own analog photography and appropriated images to create studies that inform his remixed compositions. Each study is photographed and printed on paper or canvas and mounted to panel. Benjamin then adds materials like mercury glass, diamond dust, and Swarovski crystals further enhancing his mashup of couture art. He is highly influenced by the way culture, media, politics, fashion, and design interact. His artwork asks questions that confront a man of color in America today.

Born in Guyana and raised in Brooklyn, Gavin Benjamin received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Early on, an internship with legendary photographer Arnold Newman fueled his passion for photography and led him to other opportunities working for photographers, including Stephen Meisel and Kelly Klein. He gained valuable experience working as a photo editor for Hachette, Filipacchi, and Esquire Magazines, as well as Kenneth Cole Productions, Sony Style, Neiman Marcus, and Time Life – all of which seeded his inspiration and creativity for fashion, design, and photo-based art that could evoke a mood.

His artwork has appeared in prominent galleries and art fairs both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include the Architectural Digest Design Show, ArtHamptons, The LA Art Show, and Scope Miami. Benjamin’s various fine art works, home accessories, and designs have been featured in in numerous national publications including; City Magazine, Clear Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, ICFF Picks, Spring Market Tabloid, New Glass Review, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, V Magazine, and The Washington Post.

portfolio.jpg Gavin Benjamin's Upcoming BoxHeart Exhibit, Heads of State, is November 18, 2020 - January 1, 2021.