Pittsburgh Society of Artists

Pittsburgh Society of Artists

Paper has been around from as early as the Second century BC/CE in China. Early paper was made from “rags”, hemp, linen, cotton. Today, however, most paper is made from a wood fiber to produce the pulp either chemically or mechanically. The history of the modern world was dependent on paper to convey ideas, treatises and opportunities and to further the progress of civilization.

The P I T T S B U R G H Society of Artists pays homage to paper in its many forms and uses with the upcoming exhibition, Working with Paper, on exhibit April 26th through May 26th, 2023. All 53 artists that submitted images of their artwork are included in this exhibition. The exhibition will feature 60 works of art highlighting the use of paper to create collage, drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, print-making, and digital art.

The P I T T S B U R G H Society of Artists, founded in 1965, is dedicated to encouraging creative thinking about the arts through public dialogue. At the general membership meetings, held twice a year, the Society engages speakers to explore some aspect of the arts. The general public has always been invited to these stimulating programs. The Society currently includes more than 300 members, whose artwork represents all visual-arts media. In 2015, PSA marked its 50th year dedicated to providing its members with opportunities to exhibit their art, both in the Pittsburgh area and beyond southwestern Pennsylvania.

portfolio.jpg The P I T T S B U R G H Society of Artists exhibit, Working with Paper, will be on exhibit April 26th through May 26th, 2023!

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Deliver Artwork:

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Saturday, April 15, noon to 6

Sunday, April 16, 1 to 5


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Saturday, April 29, 5 to 7


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Saturday, May 27, noon to 6