2022 - 2015 Publications Archive

Out Smart Magazine


Art Beyond the Canvas

by Jenny Block

September 1, 2022




Another Unexpected Place to Sell Your Art: Airports

by Artwork Archive

August 29, 2022


KOLAJ Magazine

Nichole Roller feature in Kolaj Magazine

Shape Maker

by Kolaj Magazine

August 12, 2022



Can Art Heal? BoxHeart artists in the news.

Can Art Heal?

Research by Jessica Burke and Sara Baumann

March 18, 2022




Painting Curious, Chaotic Worlds with Heather Heitzenrater

by Alicia Puig

February 24, 2022




The Top Events in Pittsburgh for February 3-9

by City Paper Staff

February 2, 2022


LOCALPittsburgh's Gallery Roundup


Heather Heitzenrater: Imaginarium

by L.E. McCullough

January 31, 2022


LOCALPittsburgh's Gallery Roundup

BoxHeart Gallery: From the Lifeboat & PULL

by L.E. McCullough

January 2, 2022




by City Paper Staff

November 17, 2021


90.5 WESA

Pittsburgh artist explores Black cultural legacies through collage and photography

by Bill O'Driscoll

October 28, 2021




by City Paper Staff

August 11, 2021



Renee Tay, Art Prize Entry Feature

by Danijela Krha Purssey

August 7, 2021





by City Paper Staff

April 21, 2021




2021 Emerging Artist: Hannah Pierce

by Ceramics Monthly

April 21, 2021




Pittsburgh photographer is The Westmoreland's new resident artist

by Shirley McMarlin

March 26, 2021




Area artist, Cal U. professor creates as a way of life

by CJ Richter

March 19, 2021


KOLAJ Magazine

A Map & A Key

by Kolaj Magazine

March 12, 2021




by City Paper Staff

March 10, 2021



Hairtage' Exhibit at Cypress College Art Gallery Allows Black Artists to "Speak Their Truths'

by Richard Chang

February 25, 2021



Spirituality on Canvas - Artist Spotlight on Kirby Fredendall

by Deborah Kostianovsky

February 24, 2021




BoxHeart will feature artists from Lawrenceville, Uniontown

by Patrick Varine

February 4, 2021




by Natalie Shahinian

January 21, 2021


Pittsburgh City Paper


Bloomfield's BoxHeart Gallery marks its 20th anniversary with a special exhibit

by Hannah Lynn

January 20, 2021


KOLAJ Magazine


Gavin Benjamin's Artist Portfolio

by Maison Kasini

Issue #31, January 2021



BoxHeart Gallery plans 20th anniversary exhibit in Pittsburgh's Bloomfield neighborhood

by Patrick Varine

December 30, 2020



Catalog: Deirdre Murphy, Threshold

Catalog Essay by Elizabeth Lee

December 1, 2020




Exhibition Review: Deirdre Murphy: Threshold

by Amie Potsic

November 10, 2020




See artwork of Pittsburgh sports icons in Downtown window displays

by JoAnne Klimovich Harrop

October 24, 2020


NEXT Pittsburgh

14 local sports figures are now works of art in Downtown Renown

by Kristy Locklin

October 21, 2020




Fredericktown Ferry Mural by Todd Pinkham Officially Unveiled

by Cal U Staff

September 30, 2020




Bloomfield art exhibit inspired by unique subject: frozen compost

by Patrick Varine

September 18, 2020


Pittsburgh City Paper

Seven Days of Arts+Entertainment: Visual Art

by Hannah Lynn

September 2, 2020


ShoutOut Atlanta

Meet Kuzana Ogg: Painter

by ShoutOut Atlanta

September 1, 2020




Coup De Coeur: A Collection of Things We Love: Andrew Ooi

by Kate Mothes

Issue 1, Summer 2020, Pg. 11


LOCAL Pittsburgh

Summer Gallery Roundup from LOCAL's Visual Arts Editor L.E. McCullough

by L.E. McCullough

July 1, 2020


LOCAL Pittsburgh

Re-opening Pittsburgh's Visual Art Sector in Phase Yellow

by L.E. McCullough

May 21,2020


The Harvard Blog: Research, Observations, Trends & Data

15 Art Professionals Discuss Covid-19 Art Trends & Adaptations

by Jonathan Poston

May 2020


The Haen Gallery

(Joshua Hogan featured in The Haen Gallery "Art Insight".)

Art Insight: #1 - Joshua Hogan

by Bethany Pierce

April 2020


Luxury Magazine

(Kirby Fredendall featured in the Spring Issue of Luxury Magazine.)

Nature Study

by Jason Edward Kaufman

Spring 2020


NEXT Pittsburgh

(Dramatic wall art at the Glasshouse made by Modesto Studios with layout and installation by Joshua Hogan, BoxHeart Gallery.)

How 3 Real Estate Developments are Showcasing (and promoting) Pittsburgh Makers

by Melissa Rayworth

February 3, 2020




I'm Dying, Take My Money, Cats and Art

by Part of Everything, Polkadotmotmot

January 12, 2020




Painted Papers that Bend in Time and Space: Andrew Ooi

by Janine Vangool

Issue 44: January, February, March 2020


Pittsburgh City Paper

(Nicole Capozzi, CP Photo by Joie Knouse.)

Hey, Artists. This is what a gallery owner wants to see.

by Lissa Brennan

November 20, 2019


Weekly Alumni News Update

10.29 - 11.04.19: Carolyn Wenning BFA '89

by Carnegie Mellon University School of Art

October 28, 2019



3 Totally Free Events to Get Excited About in Pittsburgh this Week

by @Hoodline

October 17, 2019



Objects of Desire: Andrew Ooi

by Josh Walker

October 11, 2019

Domino Magazine

Where'd You Go, Bernadette Is a Master Class in Upcycled Design: Our three favorite moments.

by Rebecca Deczynski

August 20, 2019


Architectural Digest

(BoxHeart artist Kyle Ethan Fischer, Production Lead Sculptor. Artwork on set by Seth Clark, Kuzana Ogg, and John McLaughlin.)

How Where'd You Go, Bernadette's Production Designer Created the Film's Stunning Fictional Architecture

by Rachel Wallace

August 12, 2019


Rue Daily

(BoxHeart artist Seth Clark featured in Rue Magazine.)

Rich Textures and Industrial Details on Brooklyn's Doctor's Row

by Home Tours

July 16, 2019


Arty Farty Blog

Soft Sugars in Pittsburgh

by Arabella Proffer

June 15, 2019


Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Two foundations award $169,000 in grants to 15 local artists: Seth Clark

by Marylynn Pitz

June 12, 2019


The Collective Arts Network: CAN Journal

MAKERS: Arabella Proffer, "Beauty is the Hard Part"

by Brittany M. Hudak

June 7, 2019


The PhotoPhore

(BoxHeart artist Belgin Yucelen featured in The PhotoPhore.)

Belgin Yücelen: From Ancient to Now

by The PhotoPhore

June 4, 2019



Performing and visual arts events are hot in Pittsburgh this weekend

by Hoodline

May 30, 2019


Secret Pittsburgh / University of Pittsburgh Literature

(BoxHeart Gallery featured in Secret Pittsburgh.)

A Personality that Stands Out

by Lauren MarieChronister

A Gallery Visit for the Uninitiated

by Andrew Zentgraf

April 24, 2019



Great Visual Arts Events in Pittsburgh this Week

by Hoodline

January 15, 2019


ArtFix Daily

LA Art Show, the World's Largest Art Fair, Returns with 120 Exhibitors from 18 Countries

by ArtFix Daily Artwire

January 10, 2019


Hamazor Issue 1 2019

Kuzana Ogg

by Zerbanoo Gifford

January 1, 2019


Art Daily

Aqua Art Miami celebrates 14th edition with strongest sales and attendance to date

by Art Daily Editorial

January 5, 2019


Broadway World

Aqua Art Miami Celebrates 14th Edition

by BWW News Desk

December 14, 2018


WESA 90.5

Art Exhibit Draws on Region's History of Leather-Tanning

by Bill O'Driscoll

November 15, 2018


Blouin ArtInfo

(BoxHeart Gallery on BLOUINARTINFO.)

Top Ten Galleries at Aqua Art Miami 2018

by Blouin ArtInfo

November 13, 2018


Art Zealous

Aqua Art Miami Rolls Out 2018 Art Basel Exhibitors

by Art Zealous

October 19, 2018



Who's Next: Art; Meet 22 Pittsburghers making art and making a difference: Tony Cavalline

by  Rossilynne Culgan

October 3, 2018


Pittsburgh City Paper

100 things to do this fall

by CP Staff

September 12, 2018


Creative Boom

Andrew Ooi's intricate 3D artworks crafted by hand out of thousands of pieces of paper

by Katy Cowan

August 29, 2018


Minus 37

(BoxHeart artist Heather Heitzenrater featured in Minus 37.)

Heather Heitzenrater:  Magnifying the Intricate Distortions of Surrealism

by Natalie Kotok

August 29, 2018



(Nicole Capozzi Director of BoxHeart Gallery.)

Meet Nicole Capozzi of BoxHeart Gallery

by VoyageATL

August 15, 2018


East City Art

Superfine! DC's Inaugural Edition

by Editorial Team

August 6, 2018


Voyage ATL

Meet Kuzana Ogg

by Local Stories

August 1, 2018


Art Zealous

Exclusive: Here's the Full Exhibitor List for the Fall Affordable Art Fair New York

by Art Zealous

July 30, 2018


The Washington Lobbyist

INVITE: Superfine! Brings Approachable Art to DC

by The Washington Lobbyist

June 28, 2018


Young Space (@yngspc)

Andrew Ooi

by Kate Mothes

June 18, 2018


Image: Sandy Hill Community News

Andrew Ooi: Anatomy of Resilience

by Maureen Korp

June 5, 2018


Art with YAB

(BoxHeart artist Salvador Di Quinzio featured on Art with YAB.)

Salvador Di Quinzio: “The magic is in the interpretation of what you see.”

by Yevgeniya Aleksandra Begun

May 2018


Superfine! HQ

What's Happening in the Emerging Art World of Sculpture

by Superfine! Team

May 17, 2018


Art Zealous

Superfine! Returns to Meatpacking District for its Second NYC Iteration

by Stephanie Black

May 2, 2018


Canvas and Crumpets

Superfine! NYC

by Chloe Hyman

May 1, 2018


Hamptons Art Hub

SUPERFINE! Opens Expanded NYC Art Fair for a Fun Art Collecting Alternative during Frieze Week

by Sponsors

April 30, 2018


Immanence: The Journal of Applied Mythology, Legend, and Folktale


Cover: Leda and Her SeaHorse with Artist Profile: Salvador Di Quinzio

by Mary Wood

Vol. 2, No. 2 Spring/Summer 2018


Andrew Ooi

World, Hold On

by Andrew Ooi and Natalie Shahinian

April 26, 2018


Quiet Lunch

Superfine! NYC is Keeping It Real

by  Kurt McVey

April 26, 2018


LocalArts Pittsburgh

Out of the Box: Talking Art with Contemporary Creator John Eastman

by Onastasia Youseff

April 4, 2018


Pittsburgh City Paper

Ephemeral, by Sara Catapano and Hannah Pierce, explores life and death through clay

by Fred Blauth

March 28, 2018


Superfine! HQ

Gallery for the 21st Century: A BoxHeart Perspective

by Alex Mitow

March 27, 2018


Hi-Fructose Magazine

(BoxHeart artist Sara Catapano featureed in HiFructose.)

Sara Catapano's Biomorphic Ceramic Sculptures

by Andy Smith

March 17, 2018


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: William DeBernardi

by Rachel Jones

March 1, 2018


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: Kyle Ethan Fischer

by Rachel Jones

February 1, 2018


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Almost 17 and #werestillhere

by Lauren Ortego

January 24, 2018



Irina Koukhanova Showed at Aqua Art Miami 2017

by Patrick Ogle

January 20th, 2018


LOCAL Pittsburgh

(BoxHeart Gallery featured in Local PGH.)

17 years, 77 artists celebrated in BoxHeart's newest exhibition

by Onastastia Youssef

January 17, 2018


Cartwheel Art

Save The Date & Preview: Littletopia Returns To The LA Art Show

by Cindy Schwarzstein

January 6, 2018


Go See Art

Highlights Galleries & Artists From South Korea, China, Japan, & More: Andrew Ooi

by Go See Art Editorial

January 5, 2018


Wall Street International Magazine

Almost 17 and #werestillhere

by WSIMag

January 1, 2018


LOCAL Pittsburgh
(BoxHeart's Room at Aqua Art Miami Beach 2017)

Pittsburgh Takes Miami by Storm: The BoxHeart Gallery and Mine Factory Shine at Aqua Art Fair

by Onastasia Youssef

December 6, 2017


LOCAL Pittsburgh

Unleashing a Chimera: Three Local Artists Exhibit at BoxHeart's Distortion

by Onastasia Youssef

December 5, 2017



Aqua Art Miami Takes Over The Aqua Hotel

by Patrick Ogle

November 29, 2017


Shady Ave Magazine

Defying Description: Kyle Ethan Fischer

by Sandra Levis

Holiday 2017


Carlow Magazine

What Does An Art Degree Do?

by James Foreman

Fall 2017


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Pierotti

by Rachel Jones

October 30, 2017


LOCAL Pittsburgh

LOVENEVERENDING calmly takes on 2017's biggest challenges

by Onastasia Youseff

October 9, 2017


The Keystone Statement

Pittsburgh Pit Stops: BoxHeart Gallery

by  Kristen Lippert

September 25, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper: Fall Arts Preview

Museums and galleries ramp up for fall

by Lissa Brennan

September 13, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Andrew Ooi's folded-paper sculptures at BoxHeart

by Lissa Brennan

September 6, 2017


The Tribune Review

(BoxHeart artists William DeBernardi, Dale Huffman, and Andrew Ooi featured in The Pittsburgh tribune Review.)

Bloomfield's BoxHeart Gallery Turning the Tables

by Kurt Shaw

September 3, 2017


The Northside Chronicle

Radiant Hall at Nova Place is a haven for artists and creators

by Neil Strebig

August 24, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: William DeBernardi, Dale Huffman, Andrew Ooi

by Matt Petras

August 23, 2017


Andrew Ooi

Cite-Seeing: A Preview of the IOI OOI New Primitives Exhibition

by Andrew Ooi

August 21, 2017



Andrew Ooi : IOI OOI New Primitives at BoxHeart Gallery

by PennsylvASIA

August 16, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Art Review: Heather Kanazawa's Investigations of Life

by Lissa Brennan

August 2, 2017


Whirl Magazine

(BoxHeart artist Joshua Hogan featured in Whirl Magazine.)

Artist Spotlight: Joshua Hogan and Jason Forck

by Rachel Jones

August 1, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Heather Kanazawa and Group A

by  Matt Petras

July 5, 2017



Heather Kanazawa, "Investigations of Life"' Runs At BoxHeart Gallery

by Patrick Ogle

June 21, 2017


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: Seth Clark

by Rachel Jones

May 31, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Carolyn Reed Barritt and Theodore Bolha

by  Matt Petras

May 24, 2017


Always Doing Damage

Superfine! The Art Fair that Doesn't Want to Hurt Your Pockets

by Myrvancia Estimable

May 24, 2017


Howl Magazine

Don't Miss: Superfine Art Fair This Weekend in NYC!

by Julia de la Torre

May 1, 2017


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: Daria Sandburg

by Rachel Jones

April 29, 2017


Hi-Fructose Magazine

Superfine! Fair Headed to New York City

by Andy Smith

April 20, 2017


The Wall Street Journal

Local Artists Get Gigs at Queens Hotel

by Charles Passy

April 6, 2017


The Tribune Review

Thomas Bigatel's abstract exhibit at Penn State New Kensington takes viewers along for the ride

by Rex Rutkoski

April 2, 2017


Whirl Magazine

Artist Spotlight: Annie Heisey

by Rachel Jones

March 29, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Jackie Hoysted explores belonging at BoxHeart

by Natalie Spanner

March 22, 2017


Local Arts PGH

Conflicted and Places We Have Never Known Should Be On Your To Do List

by Local Arts PGH

March 7, 2017


The Penn: IUP'S Student Voice

Undergraduate art students open exhibition in Johnstown

by Jason Daquelente

March 7, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Jackie Hoysted & Annie Heisey

by Amani Newton

March 1, 2017


The Jealous Curator

Andrew Ooi

by Danielle Krysa

January 31, 2017


The Tribune Review

Artists still take an abstract view of the world at Sweetwater exhibit

by Kurt Shaw

January 28, 2017


The Buzz from Buzzelli

Pittsburgh’s Top To Do’s (1/26 – 1/29)

by Brian Edward

January 26, 2017


The Tribune Review

Ethereal Works by French Artist on Display

by Kurt Shaw

January 26, 2017


Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Hot List: Alice Raymond & Heather Heitzenrater

by Scott Mervis

January 19, 2017


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Alice Raymond & Heather Heitzenrater

by Bill O'Driscoll

January 11, 2017



BoxHeart Gallery (Pittsburgh) Showed Work By Irina Koukhanova at Aqua Art Miami 2016

by Patrick Ogle

December 31, 2016


Pittsburgh Magazine

The TV Series 'Outsiders' Finds a Home in Millvale

by Rob Owen

December 18, 2016


The Gallery Guy

AQUA Miami: Seth Clark

by Joseph Borzotta

December 12, 2016


BirdSafe Pittsburgh

BirdSafe Pittsburgh Inspires Art

December 9, 2016

by Matthew Webb


Avenue Magazine

Travels with Couri: Art Me Tomorrow

by R. Couri Hay

December 8, 2016



The Gift of Sight

Story by  Drew Cranisky, Photography by Adam Milliron, Curated by Fred Blauth

Winter 2016 // Winter Retreat


Pittsburgh Magazine

Spotlight: Birds of a Feather

by Mike May

November 23, 2016


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

BoxHeart and Phipps Conservatory exhibit links nature with art

by Courtney Linder

November 9, 2016


The Bulletin


Bloomfield gallery punches ticket for Miami Beach art fair

by John Kohl

November 2, 2016


ArtNet News

Art Miami and Sister Fairs Will Have More Exhibitors Than Art Basel's Main Fair

by Sarah Cascone

October 19, 2016



Aqua Art Miami (Miami Beach) Announces Exhibitors for 2016 Fair

October 15, 2016


Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Ashley Cecil, Augustina Droze, and Deirdre Murphy: Emergent Patterns

by Connie George

October 14, 2016


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List:  Todd Pinkham: Laughing While Levitating

by IF

October 5, 2016


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Thomas Bigatel and Keith Garubba

by Tyler Dague

August 24, 2016


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: Susan Constanse and Shawn Watrous

by Tyler Dague

June 29, 2016




Ashley Cecil, Augustina Droze, and Deirdre Murphy Explore Emergent Patterns of Collective Behavior

by Natalie Paunic

June  17, 2016



Sharing stories and using hope to fuel new possibilities

June 8, 2016


Ann Arbor Art Center

Carolyn Reed Barritt on Bloodline

June 1, 2016


Architectural Digest

Innovative Design: This Cosmic Carousel is a Work of Sci-Fi Art

by Theresa Chong

June 1, 2016


Pittsburgh City Paper

At BoxHeart, Jennipher Satterly grapples with our legacy of plastic

by Ian Thomas

June 1, 2016


Paper Mag

Our Mega Guide to Frieze Art Week: Part 1

by Gary Pini

May 3, 2016



Artist Michael Walsh Returns to Pittsburgh

by Rachel McCarren

April 9, 2016


Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: 3.24-3.31

by Celine Roberts

March 23, 2016



Intersection - Dissection - Connection @ BoxHeart

by Leah Kennedy

March 9, 2016


Social Butterfly Magazine

BoxHeart's Art Inter/National Exhibition

Pages 77 - 80

March 2016 Issue


Canvas: A Blog by Saatchi Art

One to Watch, Kal Mansur

by Saatchi Art

February 6, 2016


The Tribune Review

Art review: 'Art Inter/National Art Exhibition' at BoxHeart Gallery

by Kurt Shaw

January 21, 2016



The Arts: BoxHeart Brings Forth Burgeoning Artist Talents for Annual Exhibition

by Leah Kennedy

January 12, 2016


Collegeville Institute

Art Inter/National... here and abroad features artwork by Barb Matz

by  Collegeville Institute

January 1, 2016


The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Art review: 'No Boundaries: The Pittsburgh Group' and 'The Watcher The Watched' at BoxHeart

by Kurt Shaw

December, 24, 2015


Community Partnership for Arts and Culture

2016 Creative Workforce Fellowships: Irina Koukhanova


December 15, 2015


Misericordia University

Artist in residence's artwork selected for 2 internationally juried exhibitions

by Misericordia University

November 25, 2015


Made in PGH

12 Pgh Art Galleries You'll Love

by Joe Vennare

November 15, 2015


Pittsburgh Orbit

Hey, Porter: Daria Sandburg and Pittsburgh's Baggage Claim

by Pittsburgh Orbit

November 15, 2015


The Pittsburgh City Paper


Brenda Stumpf explores decay and rebirth at BoxHeart

by Lissa Brennan

September 30, 2015


FreshPaint Magazine

Danny Licul at BoxHeart Gallery

by Fresh Paint Magazine

September 11, 2015


Words & TC. A Pittsburgh Art Blog

The Baggage Claim Project: Daria Sandburg

by Alexandra Oliver

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


The Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: August 26 - September 1, Stumpf and Sandburg

by Bill O'Driscoll

August 26, 2015


The Pittsburgh Tribune Review: The Ticket

Art review: 'Erin Treacy: Dismantled and Reclaimed' at BoxHeart Gallery

by Kurt Shaw

August 6, 2015


The Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Hot Ticket

Art, everything old is new again

by Kurt Shaw

July 16, 2015


The Pittsburgh City Paper

Short List: July 15 - 21, Treacy and Studeny

by Bill O'Driscoll

July 15, 2015


The Tribune Review

Penn State New Kensington exhibit features works created through visual communication

by Debbie Black

July 12, 2015


Penn State News

Art exhibit at New Kensington features collaboration of artists and techniques

by Penn State New Kensington Editorial

July 7, 2015


Pittsburgh Magazine

Pittsburgh City Guide: 12 Great Main Streets Waiting for You

by Sean Collier, Lauren Davidson, Jessica Sinichak

June 30, 2015


Berita Harian Online

(BoxHeart's Art Inter/National artist Anniketyni Madian in Berita Harian Online.)

by Oleh Nora Mahpar

June 24, 2015


FreshPaint Magazine

Kuzana Ogg at BoxHeart Gallery

by Fresh Paint Magazine

June 23, 2015


Love Art on Twitter

Fair Director Nicole Milkovich's fave from this year's Love Art Fair

by Love Art Fair

May 5, 2015


Love Art, Toronto

BoxHeart a 2015 Love Art Exhibitor

Heritage Court, Direct Energy Centre

March 4, 2015


The Pittsburgh City Paper

BoxHeart scours the globe for its Art Inter/National

by Lissa Brennan

March 4, 2015

Bloomfield's BoxHeart Gallery

by Amanda Cowan

February 21, 2015


Tandis Visual Arts Magazine

Artist Reza Rafiei Rad featured in Art Inter/National

by Tandis Magazine

February 7, 2015


Taylor Holmes Inc.

Seth Clark Artist and Destroyer of Worlds Interview

by Taylor Holmes

Febraury 2, 2015


The Tribune Review

'Art Inter/National' is an impressive showcase

by Kurt Shaw

January 25, 2015


Les Femmes Folles

Revital Falke, Artist

by Sally Deskins

January 13, 2015


Les Femmes Folles

Belgin Yucelen, Artist

by Sally Deskins

January 9, 2015


Pittsburgh Today LIVE : CBS Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Second Saturday Workshop: Approaching Art Galleries

with Kristine Sorensen

January 5, 2015


The Tribune Review

Penn State New Ken art instructor follows family tradition

by Pamela Murphy

January 3, 2015